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Three DIY Dog Toys You Can Make With An Old Pair Of Jeans


Dog toys are the dog equivalent of a Starbuck’s venti-almond milk-caramel latte with an extra shot: short lived and expensive.

So here’s an alternative. We used some old jeans and a few other tools to make some quick and easy dog toys and Elsie loved them.

You will need:

  • Blue jeans
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • A tennis ball
  • Paper and pen to make a pattern

I. Ring Toss Toy

First, cut one of the jean legs and cut into strips anywhere between one to two inches thick. Cut a ring shaped piece a few inches thick off the leg of the pant.

Start wrapping the denim strips around the ring. Make sure to double wrap the spots where you begin wrapping each strip so they don’t come loose. Once the whole ring is wrapped and the width you want, sew the loose end down with a whip stitch.

II. Tug-of-war Toy

Cut four long strips of denim and tie the ends in a knot. Braid strips using a four-strand braid.

You can finish this toy two ways. You can braid until there is just enough left to tie a knot, and make a simple rope toy. Or, you can stop halfway, and spread out the four strips. Place a tennis ball between the four strips and use them to hold the ball in place by tying them in a knot.

III. Stuffed Chew Toy

Draw a shape on a paper that you would like to make a stuffed toy from. It can be any shape, but a bone works perfectly to cut from a pant leg. Cut the shape out of the jeans. Cut the rest of the jean material into scraps to stuff the toy with.

Use a backstitch to sew the two shapes together, but leave an opening. Flip the toy inside out, and stuff with the scraps. Sew the hole shut with a whip stitch.

Let me know how these turn out for you and what your pups think! Leave a comment, or send me photos through my contact us page.

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