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Why Lupine Pet Is Our Favorite Collar and Leash Brand


You read that right. And boy, do we use it.

When I first found Lupine Pet at our locally owned pet store, Leash On Life, I realized that I had uncovered the golden ticket of pet ownership.

Lupine Pet Eco Dog Collar. Click on image to see buying options.

Elsie had chewed through three leashes in a month. Yay puppy teething- at least it wasn’t my end-table anymore. Even now, her favorite game with my roommate’s dog is to chew off each other’s collars when left alone. Needless to say, we quickly became Lupine loyalists.

You simply exchange the leash or collar to where you purchased it for a new one. Lupine also allows you to submit a form for a new one online, or mail the damaged product directly to them and they will ship you a new one.

Lupine Pet Eco Dog Leash. Click on image to see buying options.

They sell a variety of items, including standard leashes of different widths and lengths, collars with safety release buckles with a variety of sizes, no-pull harnesses, martingale training collars and underground fence collars.

Their products also come in a variety of styles: solid, patterned, specialty or limited-edition patterned and our favorite eco-style which is made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Lupine Pet Eco Step-in harness. Click on image to see buying options.

Lupine Pet is based in and manufactured in New Hampshire. And we love a business that gives back. Lupine donates items and money to a variety of causes in their local community including the Conway Area Humane Society, Tin Mountain Conservation Center and Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation.

Lupine Pet products are sold in the Iowa City area at both Leash On Life locations- Iowa City and North Liberty- and at the Coralville Thiesens.

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